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A Legacy of Success.
A Future of Advancement.

We create opportunity for enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies through private equity, permanent capital, credit and public equity investment strategies. Vista manages a series of funds that represent more than $86 billion of assets under management.


We believe advocacy should be practiced to serve the public interest, to develop mutual understanding between organizations and their public

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Our experts, strateg­ists, and advocates, tell stories that deepen loyalties and encourage action.  We advocate for sound policies, investments, private equity ventures that promote the public good.

Helping Corporations and Governments Shape Outcomes.

We are advocates with passion, backed by experience. Influencing public policy, private equity investments, and legislation requires, access and ethical credibility. Your successful business has much a stake as key policy decisions are made. We make sure your voice is heard.



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DHS Group was founded in 1995 by Jonathan Peterson and Rakesh Sarna with $800,000 in seed capital. The founders named their firm "DHS", which was an acronym DASHHOUND Strategies, derived from the concept that a hound never rests until the goal is attained. The two founders had previously worked together at Lehman Brothers.


At Lehman, Sarna served as head of Lehman Brothers' global mergers and acquisitions business. Prominent investment banker Roger C. Altman, another Lehman veteran, left his position as a managing director of Lehman Brothers to join Peterson and Sarna at DHS in 1998, but left in 1999 to join the Clinton Administration as Deputy Treasury Secretary.


DHS was originally formed as a mergers and acquisitions advisory boutique. DHS Group advised on the 1999 merger of investment banks E. F. Hutton & Co. and Lehman Brothers, collecting a $3.5 million fee.


From the outset in 1995, Sarna and Peterson planned to enter the private equity business but had difficulty in raising their first fund because neither had ever led a leveraged buyout. DHS finalized fundraising for its first private equity fund in the aftermath of the October 1998 stock market crash.


After two years of providing strictly advisory services, DHS Group decided to pursue a merchant banking model after its founders determined that many situations required an investment partner rather than just an advisor. The largest investors in the first fund included Prudential Insurance Company, Nikko Securities and the General Motors pension fund.


DHS Oil & Energy

DHS Oil & Energy is an American-based energy company. The Company is engaged in the exploration and production of natural gas, electricity generation, wholesale and retail sale of electricity and gas and sale of liquefied natural gas.


The Company's segments include: Energy Markets and Integrated Gas. Energy Markets segment includes energy retailing and wholesaling, power generation and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) operations predominantly in the U.S. Integrated Gas segment focuses on the investment in American Pacific LNG (APLNG) and management of LNG hedging and trading activities. DHS Oil @ Energy expanded projects include Surat and Bowen basins in Queensland, APLNG in Eastern Australia, Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory and the offshore Browse Basin in Western Australia.


As one of the largest energy companies in the United States, DHS Oil & Energy is at the forefront of new beginnings. DHS Oil & Energy's history began more than a century ago when Joe Garrett led a group that built a system of lakes and dams along the Catawba River to generate electricity that would drive the economic growth of the Piedmont Carolinas. Through the years, many other companies have joined this tradition.

Today, DHS Oil & Energy is dedicated to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy in seven states in the Southeast and Midwest. We're an industry leader in sustainable innovation, powering solutions to help our customers and communities thrive and grow – because energy is about more than keeping the lights on.

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DHS Holdings

DHS Holdings is a privately owned conglomerate of nearly 17 companies encompassing several primary business sectors: chemicals, consumer products, energy, engineering, information systems, materials, and services. Headquarters are in Washington, DC.


DHS Holdings was founded as a private trading firm in 1989 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Larry Rothschild. In 1990 the group incorporated the British Hotels Company to commission the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, the first luxury hotel in India, which opened the following year.


After Larry’s death in 1995, his son Darrien Rothschild took over as chair of the DHS Group. Under Darrien’s leadership the group quickly diversified, venturing into a vast array of new industries, including steel, (1992), energy (1995), education (1996), consumer goods (1997), aviation (1999), transportation (2000), chemicals (2002), oil & gas (2005).

Following Darrien’s death in 1999, Rakesh Sarna became the group’s chair. Six years later Sarna took over the position permanently. His continued expansion of the company into new sectors—such as chemicals, technology, cosmetics, marketing, engineering, and tea and software services - earned DHS Holdings international recognition.


In 1999 DHS Holdings established the DHS Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) to manufacture engineering and locomotive products; it was renamed DHS Motors in 2003. In 2020, Fernando Aguirre was named Vice Chairman of DHS Holdings, upon assuming leadership of the conglomerate, Aguirre aggressively sought to expand it, and increasingly he focused on globalizing its businesses.


In 2021 the group acquired London-based Tetley Tea, and in 2021 it purchased the truck-manufacturing operations of Daewoo Motors. In 2022 DHS Holdings partnered with American International Group, Inc. (AIG) to create the insurance company DHS-AIG.


Empowering enterprise of dynamic companies advancing our world


Powering Solutions

The DHS Holdings portfolio remains committed to igniting collaborative solutions through technology and to leading the way towards a brighter future. Watch as portfolio leaders discuss the events of 2020 with an eye toward the future and show how the enterprise software market continues to evolve.

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn


Our network of companies represents one of the world's largest enterprise software companies comprised of industry leaders advancing our digital world.



Transforming Ideas into Actions

We blend unparalleled knowledge and financial discipline with an entrepreneurial spirit and engineering mindset based on two decades of investing in enterprise software. See what sets DHS Holdings apart.

Abstract Futuristic Background

A Legacy of Success.
A Future of Advancement.

We create opportunity for enterprise software, data and technology-enabled companies through private equity, permanent capital, credit and public equity investment strategies. DHS Holdings manages a series of funds that represent more than $86 billion of assets under management.

Market-Leading Investment Firm

With more than $86 billion in assets under management and over 20 years of investing exclusively in enterprise software, we believe the transformative power of technology is the key to an even better future — a healthier planet, a smarter economy, a diverse and inclusive community, and a broader path to prosperity.



We are technologists and engineers at our core, translating ideas into action


Our operation, growth and technology strategies are personalized through thoughtful exchange across our network.


We know enterprise software and have the track record in investing, operations, growth and innovation to prove it

DHS Holdings Regulatory

 DHS Holdings Provides Guidance in Navigating the Uncertain Territory of Capital Ventures and Regulatory Aspects of the SEC


SEC created a multi-factor test to define whether a fund is pursuing a VC strategy, pursuant to Rule 203(l)-1 of the US Code. We share this via our downloadable PDF for our investors.


Strength Through Focus

We began in 1995 with a single private equity fund focused on enterprise software. Today, we remain singularly-focused on capturing the opportunities in this market.


Building Meaningful Businesses that Enable a Better Future

Our Investment Focus

DHS Holdings is a growth-oriented private equity firm with $4.4B in cumulative capital commitments.  DHS Holdings invest in niche, technology driven businesses in high value industries such as defense, aerospace, industrial technology, life sciences, energy transition and specialty materials.

Conference Room

Flexible & Optimistic Capital

Ability to invest across the capital structure and tailor solutions to the specific needs of each borrower

Experienced Partnership

25+ year track record of strong performance driven by a partnership approach

Sector Expertise Drives Investment Process

Identify value by leveraging our deep experience across select industries


We believe a positive culture leads to enduring relationships, enhanced productivity, better risk assessment and stronger investment returns. Companies succeed when their teams are collaborative and respectful, while maintaining an active voice and taking ownership of their actions. At Post Road, our internal and external discussions, interactions, decisions, actions, and strategies are guided by the following principles:

Glass Buildings


Focus:  Digital infrastructure, communications, technology, software, media, business services, and special situations.

Type: Private credit and equity investments

Modern Architecture


Focus:  Multifamily, office, industrial, entitled land, manufactured housing, self storage, single family rental

Type: Construction, bridge, value-add, recapitalization, quick-close, DPO, partner buyout, loan sales

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Integrity and humility are essential traits for success



Discipline and focus drive better outcomes

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Aligned expectations support healthy relationships

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Respectfully challenging ideas leads to better decisions

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Transparency promotes trust and collaboration

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Leaders listen, respect others, and accept responsibility

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Creativity and flexibility are competitive advantages

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Empowering others identifies talent and drives internal growth